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Chemical Compound Review

Nalgesic     2-(3-phenoxyphenyl)propanoic acid

Synonyms: Feprona, Nalfon, fenoprofen, Fenoprofene, Fenoprofeno, ...
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Disease relevance of fenoprofen


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Chemical compound and disease context of fenoprofen


Biological context of fenoprofen

  • It is suggested that the various clinical and pathologic findings in fenoprofen nephropathy are all manifestations of a disordered cell-mediated immunity [7].
  • Studies were conducted on postpartum and postoperative patients to estimate the dose-response line of fenoprofen and to contrast it with codeine and placebo [12].
  • Linear pharmacokinetics of orally administered fenoprofen calcium [13].
  • These data show linearity of kinetics for fenoprofen in plasma throughout the 60--300-mg dosage range after a single dose [13].
  • The bioavailability parameters Cmax, tmax, and AUC0--12 hr for the drug in plasma were consistent with a linear pharmacokinetic model, as were the amounts of fenoprofen and hydroxyfenoprofen excreted in the urine [13].

Anatomical context of fenoprofen


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of fenoprofen


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