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Chemical Compound Review

Cygalovir     2-amino-9-[(1R,2R,3R)-2,3...

Synonyms: LOBUCAVIR, Cyclobut-G, C-Oxt-G, C-Oxetanocin-G, CHEMBL23550, ...
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Disease relevance of LOBUCAVIR


High impact information on LOBUCAVIR


Chemical compound and disease context of LOBUCAVIR


Biological context of LOBUCAVIR


Anatomical context of LOBUCAVIR


Associations of LOBUCAVIR with other chemical compounds

  • The regional absorption of lobucavir (LBV), an experimental antiviral agent, and ganciclovir (DHPG) was investigated in rabbit intestine using an in situ single-pass perfusion technique [13].
  • Elevated AFP and BHCG levels provide prognostic information at diagnosis, indicate persistent disease following orchiectomy or RPLND, and signal a recurrence after chemotherapy [14].
  • Future investigations may furthermore help to clarify the role of novel antiviral agents, such as cidofovir, lobucavir, and compound 1263W94, and of the adoptive immunotherapy with virus-specific CTL clones in severely immunodeficient cancer patients [15].

Gene context of LOBUCAVIR

  • Changes in EPA in sera of lobucavir treated animals were comparable to changes in WHV DNA levels [16].
  • The increasing use of quantitative BHCG assay and vaginal ultrasonography have made early diagnosis possible, allowing conservative tubal surgery when indicated [17].
  • Hence every female in reproductive age group with unexplained bleeding per vaginum should be investigated with serum BHCG (Beta human chorionic gonadotrophin) [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOBUCAVIR

  • The uterine cavity was evacuated by suction curettage after delivery and plasma, BHCG was negative 4 weeks subsequently [19].


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