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  • These studies indicate that, in man, FFA availability is a major determinant of rates of KB production; insulin does not appear to influence ketogenesis rates by a direct hepatic effect, and glucagon can further augment KB production when FFA concentrations are increased but only in the setting of insulin deficiency [6].
  • Therefore, choline may be an essential nutrient in malnourished cirrhotic patients and its deficiency may be associated with adverse hepatic effects [7].
  • Because the nuclear hormone receptor constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) mediates hepatic effects of this xenobiotic inducer, we hypothesized that CAR could be a regulator of bilirubin clearance [8].
  • Previous studies indicated that insulin does not acutely regulate glucose metabolism by a direct hepatic effect [9].
  • To determine the consequences of their combination, we compared the hepatic effects of moderate ethanol binges in lean and obese ob/ob mice [10].

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