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Gene Review

IGHG3  -  immunoglobulin heavy constant gamma 3 (G3m...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HDC, Heavy chain disease protein, Ig gamma-3 chain C region
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Disease relevance of IGHG3

  • Elsewhere, the distribution and prevalence of hyperreactive malarious splenomegaly is consistent with the distributions of IGHG3 alleles [1].
  • Despite the frequency with which this procedure is performed, the role of HDC/ASCR in the treatment of breast cancer remains undefined [2].
  • To evaluate the role of high-dose chemotherapy (HDC) followed by autologous bone marrow transplantation (ABMT) in children with poor-prognosis Burkitt's lymphoma, the European Lymphoma BMT registry was critically reviewed [3].
  • These results, although still preliminary, indicate that HDC and TBI, followed by blood stem cells autograft, which has both practical and theoretical interest over allogeneic or autologous bone marrow transplantation, deserve consideration in selected patients with multiple myeloma [4].
  • We performed a multicenter, retrospective analysis of morphologically normal pretransplant marrow or stem cell specimens from 12 patients who subsequently developed myelodysplasia after HDC [5].

Psychiatry related information on IGHG3

  • METHODS: A total of 18,435 female residents age 35 years and over in a city of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, responded in 1992 to a health questionnaire that included questions on the use of HDCP, lifestyle, and dietary habits [6].
  • Immunophenotypic analysis of marrow cells facilitates clinical decision making regarding the use of HDC/PBSCT for LHCDD patients without monoclonal protein [7].

High impact information on IGHG3


Chemical compound and disease context of IGHG3


Biological context of IGHG3


Anatomical context of IGHG3


Associations of IGHG3 with chemical compounds

  • Moreover, we show that the LAT G3m (b0, b1, c3, c5, u) coding sequence results from the conversion, in the CH3 exon, of the G3m (b0, b1, b3, b4, b5, u, v) allele, the most frequent IGHG3 gene in the Negroid populations, by the homologous region of a IGHG4 gene [18].
  • HDC was cyclophosphamide 6 g/m2, carboplatin 2 g/m2, and etoposide 625 mg/m2 with ABMT [25].
  • Eleven patients received HDC with CTX + MEL, and one patient received BU + MEL followed by ASCR [26].
  • The HDC was a combination of carmustine (BCNU), teniposide (VM-26), and melphalan [27].
  • The mean delivered dose-intensity for cisplatin was significantly greater in the high-dose arms: HDCP 41 mg/m2/wk and HDCP-M 39 mg/m2/wk, versus SDCP 23 mg/m2/wk (P = .05) [28].

Other interactions of IGHG3

  • The newly found IGHG7 gene, which has a high homology to the equine IGHG4 gene, is located between the IGHG3 and IGHG4 genes [29].
  • The five human IGHG genes consist of three constant domain exons plus one of or four hinge exon(s), the quadruplicated hinge region being characteristic of the IGHG3 gene [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IGHG3


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