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Combined Modality Therapy

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  • Seven of these patients received combined modality therapy in which prednisone was given with their MOPP [26].
  • The major recent development that is likely to influence the future of combined modality therapy for this disease is the advent of multiple new chemotherapeutic agents, such as the taxanes, gemcitabine, vinorelbine, and the topoisomerase-I inhibitors, which have activity in stage IV disease [27].
  • UFT plus oral leucovorin calcium (Orzel) and radiation in combined modality therapy: a comprehensive review [28].
  • In Phase II non-surgical trials preoperative treatment consisting of cisplatin containing combination regimens given simultaneously with thoracic radiation have shown that this type of combined modality therapy is feasible and that the rates of resectability appear to be higher than would be expected with surgery alone [29].
  • The combination of paclitaxel and carboplatin is active and well tolerated in patients with advanced NSCLC, and paclitaxel-based combined-modality therapy produced a high rate of complete and partial responses and encouraging survival data [30].

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