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Gene context of Tachyphylaxis

  • Tachyphylaxis was dose dependent with each and also between the IL-1 species; therefore, when tachyphylaxis between the cytokines and LPS was examined, relatively higher doses were selected for the desensitizing injections than for the test injections [31].
  • 7. Repeated injections of submaximal doses of ET-1 or SX6C caused tachyphylaxis to vasodilator responses [32].
  • 4. Rats given a 10 min infusion (0.1 nmol kg-1 min-1) of endothelin-1 showed no hypotensive response to an i.v. bolus injection of endothelin-1, whereas animals pretreated with an equipressor infusion of h-proendothelin did not develop tachyphylaxis to endothelin-1 [33].
  • Tachyphylaxis to SST analogues was considered [34].
  • In contrast, the inhibitory effects induced by NPY and APP usually returned to the control level after 20-30 min and had minimal tachyphylaxis [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tachyphylaxis


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