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Gene Review

PRPH  -  peripherin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: NEF4, Neurofilament 4, PRPH1, Peripherin
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Disease relevance of PRPH

  • Three of five extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcomas showed strong cytoplasmic reactivity with anti-peripherin [1].
  • METHODS: We induced hypoxic corneal edema and measured corneal deswelling (expressed as percent recovery per hour, PRPH, over 7 hours) with a modified optical pachometer in 12 corneas of 8 patients transplanted 7-18 years previously and in 21 normal adult control subjects [2].
  • PURPOSE: To understand the pathophysiology of human retinal degenerations caused by mutations in the peripherin/RDS gene [3].
  • Identification of a polymorphic missense (G338D) and silent (106V and 121L) mutations within the coding region of the peripherin/RDS gene in a patient with retinitis punctata albescens [4].
  • For example, peripherin is expressed in neuroblastomas, GFAP in astrocytomas and neurofilaments in tumors of neuronal origin [5].

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Biological context of PRPH


Anatomical context of PRPH


Associations of PRPH with chemical compounds

  • RESULTS: The transplanted corneas had significantly decreased PRPH, induced swelling, endothelial permeability to fluorescein, and endothelial cell density compared to the controls, despite a similar estimated open-eye steady-state thickness [2].
  • Serotonin was present in trigeminal neurons containing CGRP, a potent vasoactive neuropeptide, peripherin, an intermediate filament present in neurons with unmyelinated axons, neurofilament H, which is present in neurons with myelinated axons, and in neurons binding IB4, a marker of nonpeptidergic nociceptors [17].
  • Mutations in the gene for the beta subunit of cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase cause retinal dystrophies in man, mice and dog, and mutations in the gene for the structural protein peripherin/RDS result in a retinal dystrophy in the mouse and a spectrum of differing retinal dystrophies in man [18].
  • We observed the ultrastructural features of surviving SGNs and analyzed the peripherin immunoreactivity at 4, 10, or 20 weeks after systemic injection of neomycin in rats [19].
  • RESULTS: A proline to arginine mutation in codon 210 of peripherin/RDS was found in all clinically affected individuals [20].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PRPH


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