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Carotid Artery, External

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Gene context of Carotid Artery, External

  • First, CGRP fibers appeared in the wall of the carotid arch and external carotid arteries, and in a thin septum between these two arteries at an early stage of larval development (stage III) [24].
  • Our findings demonstrate the importance of the external carotid artery in giving rise to the vasa vasorum that supply the areas of atherosclerotic plaque [25].
  • Involvement of the external carotid arteries in moyamoya disease: neuroradiological evaluation of 66 patients [26].
  • Hamster cheek pouch tumors were perfused with HSV-LacZ or HSV-IL-2, by microcannulating the external carotid artery, and gene transfer determined [27].
  • Three factors were not among the most predictive factors of epilepsy but were significantly associated with the onset of seizures: AVM feeding by the external carotid artery, a temporal cortical location, and a parietal cortical location [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Carotid Artery, External


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