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Gene context of Anestrus

  • To study the effect of starvation on hypothalamic beta-endorphin and somatostatin (SRIF) concentrations in relation to starvation induced anestrus, groups of 8 rats were fed 50% of their normal daily chow consumption [22].
  • Increased concentrations of circulating prolactin (Prl) seen in these animals are not responsible for the reversal of photoperiodic anestrus as demonstrated by experimental manipulations of prolactin secretion [23].
  • We therefore examined GnRH neurons of breeding season (BS) and nonbreeding season (anestrus) ewes and tested the hypotheses that specific (i.e. gamma-aminobutyric acid, catecholamine, neuropeptide Y, or beta-endorphin) inputs to GnRH neurons change seasonally, and concomitant with any changes in neural inputs is a change in glial apposition [24].
  • E2 treatment produced a 3-fold increase in the percentage of ERalpha-positive cells expressing Fos (15.1% vs. 3.4%) in anestrus, but failed to increase ERalpha/Fos colocalization (1.8% vs. 3.5%) during the breeding season [25].
  • Changes in serum levels of PRL have been implicated in the development of seasonal reproductive quiescence in male hamsters, yet the role of serum PRL in seasonal anestrus in the female has not been examined [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Anestrus


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