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Allelic Imbalance

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Gene context of Allelic Imbalance

  • Human APC2 localization and allelic imbalance [23].
  • On the other hand, a high frequency of MGMT promoter methylation (32 out of 69, 46%) was found, as well as allelic imbalances at 10q markers (50 out of 70, 71%) [24].
  • Allelic imbalance at FHIT was observed in 35 out of 55 informative (heterozygous: H) cases (64%) [25].
  • Although sequence variations and allelic imbalance were identified in FGFR2, none of the previously documented dominant mutations was detected in any of the tumour types examined [26].
  • With more than 50 per cent of tumour cells in the samples, 66.6 per cent (18/27) of AR and 39.1 per cent (9/23) of MAOA informative cases showed allelic imbalance, with a combined frequency of 72.4 per cent (21/29) of both genes [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Allelic Imbalance


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