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Gene Review

KLF6  -  Kruppel-like factor 6

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: B-cell-derived protein 1, BCD1, CBA1, COPEB, CPBP, ...
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Disease relevance of KLF6


High impact information on KLF6


Chemical compound and disease context of KLF6


Biological context of KLF6


Anatomical context of KLF6


Associations of KLF6 with chemical compounds

  • Loss of growth suppressive function of the CRC-derived KLF6 mutants was characterized by in vitro thymidine incorporation assays and Western blotting [2].
  • Direct lysine acetylation of KLF6 peptides can be shown by mass spectrometry [9].
  • Our data suggest a minor role of KLF6 mutation in colorectal carcinogenesis and underline the fact that the validity of sequence informations obtained from DNA extracted from formalin-fixed tissues may be limited [15].
  • We also show that all KLF6 effects on c-Jun were largely dependent on phorbol ester (TPA/ionomycin) extracellular stimulation, which enhanced KLF6 nuclear translocation and transcriptional activity and modified its phosphorylation status [16].
  • Treatment of two cell lines expressing KLF6 at low levels with 5-azacytidine did not induce KLF6 expression, suggesting that KLF6 down-regulation is not due to promoter hypermethylation [17].

Physical interactions of KLF6


Regulatory relationships of KLF6


Other interactions of KLF6

  • Rates of KLF6 loss and mutation were similar to those of TP53 and K-RAS in the same samples [2].
  • MXI1, DMBT1, and KLF6 were excluded as important tumor-suppressor genes [23].
  • Furthermore, we demonstrate that there is a physical interaction between GKLF and Zf9, a novel finding for Krüppel-like family members [13].
  • The Krüppel-like transcriptional factors Zf9 and GKLF coactivate the human keratin 4 promoter and physically interact [13].
  • Here we report the identification of Luna, the Drosophila progenitor of the mammalian KLF6/KLF7 group [24].
  • Results obtained showed that IGF-I stimulated KLF-6 transcription in cells with normal, but not disrupted, p53, suggesting that KLF6 is a downstream target for IGF-I action [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of KLF6


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