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Hearing Loss, Sudden

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Gene context of Hearing Loss, Sudden

  • We encountered 3 cases of sudden hearing loss associated with IFN [21].
  • In this study we investigated the possible relationship between sudden deafness (SD) and IL4R polymorphism Q576R in 97 Korean SD patients and 613 controls using pyrosequencing method [22].
  • Compared with the other epidemiological features of Meniere's disease and sudden deafness with vertigo in the same surveys, it appeared that the characteristic features of BPPV are epidemiologically similar to those of Meniere's disease, but different from those of sudden deafness [23].
  • In summary, for patients with NF-2, the presentation ages are lower, tumor progression is faster, the chances of anatomic and functional nerve preservation are lower, the chances of good outcomes are best when surgery is performed early and when there is good preoperative hearing function, and the danger of sudden hearing loss is higher [24].
  • Intracranial relapse of nasopharyngeal carcinoma manifested as sudden deafness [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hearing Loss, Sudden


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