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Disease relevance of Pallor


Psychiatry related information on Pallor


High impact information on Pallor

  • The incidence rate ratio varied little when account was taken of age, sex, presence of pre-existing disc pallor in one eye, previous use of diethylcarbamazine citrate, or doses of ivermectin or placebo received [8].
  • At E9.5, GATA-1- embryos exhibit extreme pallor yet contain embryonic erythroid cells arrested at an early proerythroblast-like stage of their development [9].
  • In this study, histamine and ET-1 were injected into the dorsum of the middle phalanx and the local neurovascular response was assessed by measuring the area of the visible flare or pallor [10].
  • L-NAME and L-NMMA caused dose- and time-dependent increases in pallor, and reductions in cutaneous blood flow in skin that had been locally warmed by immersion in water at 45 degrees C and in skin that had been exposed to ultraviolet B light [11].
  • RESULTS: The fundus examination and fluorescein angiogram results essentially were normal except for a mild temporal pallor of the optic disc in 2 patients [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Pallor

  • Methemoglobinemia is another common finding among patients receiving dapsone therapy, but rarely does it result in prominent symptoms other than transient pallor [13].
  • Using a computerized image analysis system, the mean +/- SD increase in optic disc pallor during the course of the study was 0.86% +/- 2.4% in the timolol-treated eyes as opposed to 1.80% +/- 3.6% in the placebo-treated eyes [14].
  • Those subjects with increased ocular pressure and optic disc cupping and pallor had greater rises of plasma cortisol levels [15].
  • Mepivacaine produced a small pallor [16].
  • Following the 1 IU lysine vasopressin dosage, side-effects were reduced to skin pallor [17].

Biological context of Pallor


Anatomical context of Pallor

  • Necropsy of the proband showed loss of cells in the dentate nuclei, a reduced amount of cerebellar white matter, and pallor of the gracile tracts in the spinal cord [21].
  • In 7 cases, a distinctive noninvasive squamous epithelial proliferation, exhibiting a triad of marked acanthosis with variable verruciform architecture, loss of the granular cell layer with superficial epithelial cell pallor, and multilayered parakeratosis [22].
  • VCAM-1 only was related to myelin pallor [23].
  • RESULTS: Progressive bilateral optic nerve pallor temporally associated with the administration of antiretroviral medication was observed [24].
  • The results indicate that MCH can induce pallor in fish not only by its peripheral effect on the melanophores but also by an inhibitory action on the release of alpha MSH from the pituitary [25].

Gene context of Pallor

  • Bosentan, the non-selective ET(A)/ET(B) antagonist, when given by dialysis at the site of injection, reduced the area of both the ET-1-induced pallor and surrounding flare by 41 and 26%, respectively [26].
  • The most important clinical manifestations of BPPV are: vertigo, lightheadedness, dysequilibrium and sometimes nausea, vomiting, pallor and sweating [27].
  • The ability of MCH to induce skin pallor seems to have arisen at a later stage, probably in the preholosteans [28].
  • RESULTS: LPL deficiency was demonstrated in 16 infants who presented with irritability (n = 7), lower intestinal bleeding (n = 2), pallor, anemia, or splenomegaly (n = 5), and a family history or fortuitous discovery (n = 2) [29].
  • The classic histologic presentation of epidermodysplasia verruciformis is a verruca plana-type lesion with minimal hyperkeratosis and acanthotic areas where the cells contain perinuclear halos and blue-gray pallor [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pallor


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