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Chemical Compound Review

sodium hypochlorite     sodium hypochlorite

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Disease relevance of sodium hypochlorite


Psychiatry related information on sodium hypochlorite

  • Early psychiatry at Yale: Milton C. Winternitz and the founding of the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene [6].
  • The Learning-Orientation Grade-Orientation Scale of Eison, Pollio, and Milton was administered to 85 college students and analyzed to study the psychometric properties of the instrument [7].
  • Open University Press, Milton Keynes) and Locus of Control model (LC; Psychological Monographs, (1966) (80) in understanding the intention to use bicycle helmet use among bicycle helmet owners [8].
  • Seeds of strategic and interactional psychotherapies: seminal contributions of Milton H. Erickson [9].
  • Traditional psychoanalytic theories of infancy were challenged a number of years ago by Peterfreund (1978) and Milton Klein (1980), but published debate on this issue has only recently begun to appear [10].

High impact information on sodium hypochlorite


Chemical compound and disease context of sodium hypochlorite


Biological context of sodium hypochlorite


Anatomical context of sodium hypochlorite

  • In this issue Glater et al. demonstrate a new type of linkage through the adapter protein, milton, and the mitochondrial membrane GTPase, miro [22].
  • Milton controls the early acquisition of mitochondria by Drosophila oocytes [23].
  • METHODS: An anti-AP-1 decoy oligodeoxynucleotide (dODN) strategy was devised in which the dODN-containing solution (20 nmol) was administered locally through a Dispatch catheter into the coronary arteries of hypercholesterolemic minipigs at the time of PTCA (AVE-GFX stent) [24].
  • CONCLUSION: Efficient arterial gene delivery to endothelial and superficial smooth muscle cells is feasible using local delivery of adenoviral vectors via the Dispatch autoperfusion catheter, in both normal and atheromatous arteries [25].
  • The mechanism responsible for sodium-hypochlorite-induced reduction in dentin bond strength and its reversal with reducing agents is unknown [26].

Associations of sodium hypochlorite with other chemical compounds


Gene context of sodium hypochlorite

  • Milton shares approximately 44% amino acid homology with GRIF-1 [31].
  • We have evaluated a global screening test for the protein C pathway, the 'ProC Global' (Dade Behring Ltd, Milton Keynes, UK) [32].
  • METHODS: PDE5 was isolated from the human platelet and PDE4 from the rat liver tissue using the FPLC system (Pharmacia, Milton Keynes, UK) and the Mono Q column [33].
  • Two weeks later, the patency of the stented arteries was documented by coronary angiography, and the hRAD50 construct or empty vector mixed with lipid was delivered to one of the stented arteries in each pig using a Dispatch catheter [34].
  • Objective: This retrospective study evaluated the appropriateness of requests assigned the alpha determinant at the time of dispatch by Emergency Medical Dispatchers using the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sodium hypochlorite

  • In vivo studies demonstrated immediate deposition of 0.12% of the urokinase delivered by the Dispatch catheter to the angioplasty site, compared with 0.0007% with systemic bolus, 0.003% with guiding catheter infusion, and 0.007% with local infusion with an end-hole catheter (P < .001) [1].
  • Using a database of 30 ganzfeld and autoganzfeld studies, Milton and Wiseman's meta-analysis yielded an effect size (ES) of only 0.013 (Stouffer Z = 0.70, p = .24, one-tailed) [36].
  • A retrospective study of 29 patients with invasive carcinoma of the vagina was completed at The Milton S [37].
  • Twenty-seven patients with 76 pressure sores received treatment with hydrocolloid dressings (HCDs) and 25 patients with 52 pressure sores received treatment with Dakin's solution (chloramine-T)-soaked wet-to-dry dressings [38].
  • We have investigated the use of sodium hypochloride (Clorox), in comparison to concentrated HCl, for PCR sterilization [39].


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