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Chemical Compound Review

Norocarp     2-(6-chloro-9H-carbazol-2- yl)propanoic acid

Synonyms: Carpaquin, Carprodyl, Ridamyl, Rimadyl, carprofen, ...
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Disease relevance of C 5720


Psychiatry related information on C 5720

  • N-sulfonylated and N-alkylated carprofen derivatives were investigated for their inhibition and modulation of gamma-secretase, which is associated with Alzheimer's disease [5].
  • Two crossover bioequivalence trials of an enantioselectively enterohepatic recycled drug, carprofen, were conducted in dogs with the same racemic oral formulation to determine: (i) the influence of feeding patterns, and (ii) the effect of the analytical method (enantioselective vs non-enantioselective) on the statistical power of the trials [6].
  • Mechanical pain threshold testing at the wound showed a significant analgesic effect of carprofen [7].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of C 5720

  • Circular dichroism data suggested different mechanisms for the high affinity and the low affinity binding of carprofen to HSA [32].
  • Reference diastereomeric glucuronides of carprofen were purified from human urine after oral administration of the single enantiomers [33].
  • Following every drug administration, blood samples were collected over a period of 104 h and carprofen plasma concentrations were measured by a specific HPLC method with UV detection [19].
  • Analysis of carprofen dosage forms and drug substance by high-performance liquid chromatography [34].
  • The calculation of the tubular transit rate at each carprofen concentration indicated the following net mechanism(s) of renal carprofen clearance: filtration at low concentration, reabsorption at intermediate concentrations, and secretion at the highest concentration [35].


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