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Chemical Compound Review

Nitecapona     3-[(3,4-dihydroxy-5-nitro...

Synonyms: Nitecapone, Nitecaponum, AC1NUYYN, CHEMBL167055, SureCN128420, ...
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Disease relevance of Nitecapone

  • The combined results suggest that the COMT-inhibitory and antioxidant properties of nitecapone provide a protective therapy against the development of diabetic nephropathy [1].
  • Hyperfiltration, focal glomerulosclerosis, and albuminuria were also reversed by nitecapone, but in a manner that is more readily attributed to the antioxidant potential of the agent [1].
  • Altogether, three patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and three normal volunteers were examined, first without nitecapone and then with an oral dose of 100 mg of nitecapone 1 hour before the IV injection of 3 mCi of [18F]6-fluorodopa [2].
  • In the present study, the influence of nitecapone on isolated rat heart ischemia-reperfusion injury was investigated to elucidate its cardioprotective role [3].
  • Behaviorally DM induced mechanical hypersensitivity that was markedly attenuated by oral treatment with nitecapone [4].

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