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Chemical Compound Review

Phepranon     2-diethylamino-1-phenyl- propan-1-one

Synonyms: Regenon, Tenuate, Tepanil, Amfepramon, Anorex, ...
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Anatomical context of Amfepramone

  • The objective and timing of drug disposition studies, appendix III. Diethylpropion and its metabolites in the blood plasma of the human after subcutaneous and oral administration [21].
  • Following 11 days of treatment with diethylpropion, amphetamine or mazindol, there was a significant increase in purine nucleotide (GDP) binding to mitochondria only in the amphetamine-treated animals [22].
  • Toxicological analysis of these droplets revealed the presence of thyroid extract and diethylpropione, an amphetamine-like noradrenergic anorectic agent banned in Belgium [23].

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