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Gene Review

Il7r  -  interleukin 7 receptor

Mus musculus

Synonyms: CD127, IL-7 receptor alpha chain, IL-7 receptor subunit alpha, IL-7R subunit alpha, IL-7R-alpha, ...
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Disease relevance of Il7r


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Biological context of Il7r


Anatomical context of Il7r


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Physical interactions of Il7r


Regulatory relationships of Il7r

  • This was found to be due to competition between DN and IL-7R-expressing DP cells for endogenous IL-7, which resulted in decreased levels of Bcl-2 in DN cells, increased DN apoptosis, and decreased DN cell number [12].
  • Promoter and chromatin crosslinking analyses suggest that PU.1 directly regulates transcription of the IL-7Ralpha gene [18].
  • The absence of contraction correlated with decreased early inflammation and interferon-gamma production and an increased fraction of CD8(+) T cells expressing the interleukin 7 receptor at the peak of the response [19].
  • The rare DPhic-Kit- blast cells that thus are salvaged for positive selection by expressing a self-major histocompatibility complex selectable TCRalpha/beta up-regulate IL-7R, but not c-Kit, and are the principal progenitors on the c-Kit- pathway; this c-Kit-IL-7R+ pathway is mainly CD4 lineage committed [20].

Other interactions of Il7r

  • Intestinal IL-7Ralpha+ cells are lymphoid in morphology but CD3(-) and functional in both nu/nu and Rag2-/- mice [14].
  • Distinct roles for signals relayed through the common cytokine receptor gamma chain and interleukin 7 receptor alpha chain in natural T cell development [9].
  • In contrast, no VCAM-1+ spots were detected in the embryonic nor neonatal il7ralpha-/- mice, suggesting that IL-7Ralpha signal is involved in the early phase of PP anlage formation [21].
  • Furthermore, CXCL13 was found to be sufficient to mediate CD4+ CD3- IL-7R alpha hi cell recruitment in vivo to an ectopic site [22].
  • In addition to the appearance of VCAM1+ spots, the clustering of IL-7Ralpha+ cells was absent in the jak3-/- mouse, though IL-7Ralpha+ cells are found to scatter over the intestine [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Il7r


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