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Gene Review

Fgf18  -  fibroblast growth factor 18

Mus musculus

Synonyms: D130055P09Rik, FGF-18, Fibroblast growth factor 18, zFGF5
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Disease relevance of Fgf18


High impact information on Fgf18


Biological context of Fgf18


Anatomical context of Fgf18


Regulatory relationships of Fgf18


Other interactions of Fgf18

  • Fgf17 is expressed later and broader than either Fgf8 or Fgf18 [14].
  • Here, we report the expression from early streak stage to midgestation of two newly-identified murine genes, Fgf17 and Fgf18, that are most closely related to Fgf8 (63.7% and 56.8% identical, respectively, at the amino acid level) [8].
  • TGF-beta also stimulated expression of FGF18 mRNA in the cultures and the effects of TGF-beta on metatarsal development were blocked or partially blocked by pretreatment with FGF signaling inhibitors [15].
  • All these effects of FGF-18 bore a close resemblance to those of FGF-2, whereas FGF-10 affects none of these cells [3].
  • This suggests that the regulation of FGF18 expression is a major function of GSK3 during endochondral bone development [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fgf18

  • In this study we used a chick electroporation assay and in vitro mouse brain explant experiments to compare the activity of FGF17b and FGF18 to FGF8a and FGF8b [5].
  • The two tissues which appeared to be the primary targets of FGF-18 were the liver and small intestine, both of which exhibited histologic evidence of proliferation and showed significant gains in organ weight following 7 (sometimes 3) days of FGF-18 treatment [11].
  • This work, thus, identifies FGF18 and FGFR3 as potential molecular targets for intervention in tissue engineering aimed at cartilage repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage [16].
  • In further experiments, T(3) enhanced FGF2 and FGF18 activation of the MAPK-signaling pathway but inhibited their activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription-1 [17].
  • FGF4 and FGF18 are detected at highest levels by RT-PCR and microarrays [18].


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