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Gene Review

Ets1  -  v-ets avian erythroblastosis virus E26...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Ets-1, Etsoncb, Protein C-ets-1, Tpl1, p54
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Disease relevance of Ets1


High impact information on Ets1

  • We have used a range of methods to demonstrate a strong binding between p62 and p54 in this complex and show that the rod domain of p62 appears to constitute the principal binding site for p54 [5].
  • Interaction of Ets-1 and the POU-homeodomain protein GHF-1/Pit-1 reconstitutes pituitary-specific gene expression [6].
  • The Ets-1-GHF-1 synergy requires a composite Ets-1-GHF-1 cis element and is dependent on an Ets-1-specific protein domain [6].
  • A 4- or 10-bp insertion between muE3 and muB inactivated the mu enhancer in S194 plasma cells but did not affect in vitro binding of Ets-1, PU.1, or the muE3-binding protein TFE3, alone or in pairwise combinations [7].
  • Ets-1 mRNA abundance was induced with a peak at 2 hours after stimulation with platelet-derived growth factor-BB and with angiotensin II [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ets1


Biological context of Ets1


Anatomical context of Ets1

  • Overexpression of Ets-1 in cultured mesangial cells prevented transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta-induced inhibition of DNA-binding activity and TGF-beta-induced type I collagen production [14].
  • In conclusion, hepatocyte PAI-1 expression is flow sensitive and transcriptionally regulated by shear stress via cooperative interactions between Sp1 and Ets-1 [10].
  • Furthermore, we find that expression of dominant negative Ets1 (N70-Ets1) inhibits both the beta-neuregulin and autocrine survival of Schwann cells [15].
  • The transcription factors hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha and Ets-1 colocalize in the hypoxic synovium of inflamed joints in adjuvant-induced arthritis [1].
  • For clarifying the significance of Ets-1 in ARF, a rat ARF model in vivo and LLC-PK1 cells as an in vitro model were used [2].

Associations of Ets1 with chemical compounds

  • The IL-1beta-caused increase in DNA binding of both NF-kappaB and Ets-1 immunopositive complexes was substantially suppressed by dexamethasone as shown by EMSA [16].
  • 1) Purified p54 is capable of undergoing endogenous phosphorylation in the presence of [gamma-32P]ATP producing a 32P-labeled pp54 polypeptide which is specifically immunoprecipitated by TBR-sera and contains only phosphotyrosine [17].
  • Transcriptional synergy was observed between the proximal VDRE and adjacent EBS as was the attendant formation of a ternary complex between vitamin D receptor- retinoid X receptor (VDR. RXR) and Ets-1 [18].
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at nanomolar concentrations stimulated levels of Ets-1 and increased PDGF-Ralpha transcription and mRNA expression without affecting Sp1 expression [19].
  • The current study demonstrates that overexpression of the dominant negative form of JNK1 or p54 JNK2/SAPKbeta reduces Cox-2 expression and PGE2 production stimulated by IL-1beta [20].

Physical interactions of Ets1

  • Electrophoretic mobility shift assays revealed that Ets-1 interacts selectively with the -1350GGAA-1347 Ets element in the p21WAF1/Cip1 promoter [21].
  • A gel shift assay demonstrated that Ets-1 binds to the ets-1 binding site of the cyclin D1 promoter in the ischemia-reperfusion condition [2].

Regulatory relationships of Ets1


Other interactions of Ets1

  • In addition, exogenous Ets-1 abolished TGF-beta-induced collagen gel contraction [14].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The Ets-1 transcriptional factor may participate in IL-1beta-mediated MMP-9 expression in tubulointerstitial cells [25].
  • In contrast, the -1577GGAT-1574 motif mediates basal but not Ets-1 activation of the p21WAF1/Cip1 promoter [21].
  • We confirm that Ets-1 or a related Ets factor is the nuclear target of the Ras pathway leading to activation of the rPRL promoter and demonstrate that Elk-1 and Net do not mediate the Ras response [11].
  • Using a series of site-specific mutations and deletions of the proximal rPRL promoter we have mapped the major Ras/Raf response element (RRE) to a composite Ets-1/GHF-1 binding site located between positions -217 and -190 [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ets1


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