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Gene Review

VWF  -  von Willebrand factor

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of VWF


High impact information on VWF


Biological context of VWF


Anatomical context of VWF


Associations of VWF with chemical compounds

  • This probe codes for the major adhesion domain of vWF that includes the GPIb, collagen and heparin binding domains [16].
  • Cysteine residues #471, 474, 509 and 695, which form intrachain bonds in human vWF, are also present in the bovine vWF sequence [16].
  • VWF binding to formaldehyde-fixed platelets was dependent on the presence of a promoter such as ristocetin [11].
  • Polycations, such as poly(L-lysine) and Polybrene, also promoted the formation of platelet aggregates and facilitated the binding of VWF to platelets [11].
  • Inhibition of von Willebrand factor-dependent platelet function by increased platelet cyclic AMP and its prevention by cytoskeleton-disrupting agents [17].

Physical interactions of VWF

  • However, in endothelial cells, mutation of the VWF E4BP4 binding motif not only restores but also further elevates VWF promoter activity, suggesting that E4BP4 may be part of a coordinated binding complex [18].

Other interactions of VWF


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VWF

  • To determine directly the location of the epitope for each mAb on the bovine pp-vWF molecule, we tested the reactivity of mAbs by immunoblotting toward peptide fragments obtained by digestion with lysylendopeptidase [24].
  • We have previously reported the identification of a region of the vWf gene that regulates its cell-type-specific expression in cell culture [19].
  • Physical changes associated with anti-vWF-induced uptake of vWF are not seen in platelets that are involved in hemostatic plug formation or clot retraction [25].
  • Secretion of vWF by BAECs under physiological glucose and high glucose conditions with or without thiamine (200 micromol/L) supplementation was studied with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [5].
  • Characterization of von Willebrand factor interaction with collagens in real time using surface plasmon resonance [26].


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