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Gene Review

HNMT  -  histamine N-methyltransferase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HMT, HNMT-S1, HNMT-S2, Histamine N-methyltransferase
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Biological context of HNMT

  • In agreement with the predominant role of ABP1 versus HNMT on local histamine metabolism in human bowel, the frequencies for carriers of HNMT genotypes or mutated alleles were similar among patients, regardless clinical evolution, and control individuals [3].
  • Therefore, the level of HMT gene expression in human airway may be one of the critical factors determining the airway responsiveness to histamine [14].
  • In situ chromosomal hybridization demonstrated that human HMT gene was localized in chromosome 1 p32 [14].
  • These observations will make it possible to test the hypothesis that genetic polymorphisms for HNMT may play a role in the pathophysiology of human disease [15].
  • IC50 values for the HNMT inhibitor amodiaquine were 0.50, 0.48, and 0.40 microM, respectively, for enzyme from these same three sources [16].

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