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Gene Review

OMD  -  osteomodulin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KSPG osteomodulin, Keratan sulfate proteoglycan osteomodulin, OSAD, Osteoadherin, Osteomodulin, ...
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Disease relevance of OMD

  • Musculoskeletal pain is one of its frequent symptoms but also occurs in other chronic noninflammatory muscle disorders (OMD) [1].
  • We have investigated 36 DM1 patients belonging to 22 unrelated families, 10 patients with other myotonic disorders (OMD) and 22 age-matched healthy controls from the clinical, biochemical and molecular point of view [2].
  • INTRODUCTION: Primary cervical and oromandibular dystonia (CD and OMD, respectively) are well-recognized movement disorders, often treated with botulinum toxin (BTx) [3].
  • Two-color flow-cytometric analysis on peripheral blood lymphocytes of 46 untreated multiple sclerosis patients (MS), 36 other medical disease patients (OMD) and 19 healthy control subjects (HC) was performed to know the relationships between T and B cell subpopulations [4].
  • The novel fusion partners appear well suited to drive USP6 transcription in the bone/mesenchymal context: osteomodulin is expressed strongly in osteoblastic lineages, and the COL1A1 promoter has an oncogenic role in the mesenchymal cancer dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans [5].

Psychiatry related information on OMD

  • OBJECTIVE: To compare the cost and utilization of health care services for various comorbid conditions among employees with bipolar disorder (BPD) and two other population cohorts: employees without BPD and employees with other mental disorders (OMD) [6].
  • Specific multiaxial psychopathological instruments and psychometric tests in multiple assessments used for gerontopsychiatry demonstrated strong improvements after AS administration in early-moderate stages of Alzheimer or vascular dementia, as well as in other OMD [7].
  • We sought a better understanding of this comorbidity among psychiatric inpatients, in particular differentiating two groups of "dual diagnosis" patients, (1) those with independent mental disorders complicated by substance use disorders, and (2) those with psychoactive substance use disorder-induced organic mental disorders (PSUD-induced OMD) [8].

High impact information on OMD

  • In 8 of the patients with DM2/PROMM and in 3 of the patients with OMD, musculoskeletal pain was the most disabling symptom [1].
  • OBJECTIVES: To characterize the phenotype of DM2/PROMM-associated musculoskeletal pain and to test whether it shows features distinct from OMD [1].
  • Orosomucoid (OMD) contains complex bi-, tri- and tetra-antennary glycan chains [9].
  • The results indicate that the 'site-directed' model of processing offers the most consistent explanation for the structures seen at the individual glycosylation sites of OMD [9].
  • Standard h.p.l.c. profiles have been developed to analyse the percentage and distribution of the glycoforms present at each glycosylation site in OMD and its molecular variants [9].

Biological context of OMD


Anatomical context of OMD


Associations of OMD with chemical compounds

  • Dietary Mg concentration should be in the range 1.5-2.5 g/kg OMD [14].
  • In vivo, about 5 g of P and 1.8 g of S/kg OMD should be available (a) in the rumen [14].
  • The inherent problem of instability of DEPC-modified histidine residues was overcome by adjusting the time scale of the postreaction processing of modified OMD [15].
  • The chemical modification reagent diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC) was used to modify alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (orosomucoid, OMD) under various conditions [15].
  • However, seasonal averages for N, Ca and P content and in vitro OM disappearance (OMD) were greater (P less than .05) and NDF was lower (P less than .05) in tall fescue from mefluidide-treated pastures than in untreated pastures [16].

Regulatory relationships of OMD


Other interactions of OMD


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OMD


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