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Gene Review

Si  -  sucrase-isomaltase (alpha-glucosidase)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Sucrase-isomaltase, intestinal
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Disease relevance of Si


Psychiatry related information on Si

  • Sucrase expression was further increased by prolonged food deprivation, whereas enzyme activity as well as the amount of SI mRNA dropped to reach the low level found in control sucklings when 48 h-starved pups were refed by returning them to their dams [5].

High impact information on Si


Biological context of Si


Anatomical context of Si


Associations of Si with chemical compounds

  • The apical sorting of the small intestinal membrane glycoprotein sucrase-isomaltase (SI) depends on the presence of O-linked glycans and the transmembrane domain [16].
  • The NH2-terminal sequence of purified pro-sucrase-isomaltase was identical with that of the isolated isomaltase subunit which possesses the membrane anchor for the mature enzyme complex but differed from the NH2-terminal sequence of the sucrase subunit [10].
  • We conclude that the O-glycans in the stalk region of SI act as an apical sorting signal within a sorting machinery that comprises at least a carbohydrate-binding protein and fulfills specific spatial requirements provided, for example by a polyglycine spacer in the context of rGH or the P-domain within the SI enzyme complex [16].
  • Recently, we cloned a cDNA (NaSi-1) localized to rat renal proximal tubules and encoding the brush-border membrane (BBM) Na gradient-dependent inorganic sulfate (Si) transport protein (Na-Si cotransporter) [17].
  • Lactase synthesis and processing was studied in 0- and 15-day-old rats after IP administration of [35S]methionine, and changes in precociously cortisone-induced sucrase-isomaltase were used as an internal control [9].

Physical interactions of Si


Regulatory relationships of Si

  • An increase in alkaline phosphatase and lactase activity was observed after 3-4 days in these colonies which could be enhanced to yield 90%-100% positive cells by the addition of dexamethasone to the medium while no sucrase-isomaltase activity was elicited [19].

Other interactions of Si


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Si


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