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Gene Review

Thpo  -  thrombopoietin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Thrombopoietin
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Disease relevance of Thpo


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Chemical compound and disease context of Thpo


Biological context of Thpo


Anatomical context of Thpo


Associations of Thpo with chemical compounds

  • LPS-treated rats showed a significant increase in hepatic TPO mRNA concentration [1].
  • We subsequently measured the level of thrombopoietin in the circulation over the entire time course after the administration of busulfan [2].
  • Oval cells expressed c-Mpl, a receptor for TPO as well as immature hematopoietic and hepatocytic surface markers such as CD34 and AFP [9].
  • Four cysteine residues and two of four N-glycosylation sites that are conserved among species were also found at the corresponding positions in feline TPO [13].
  • Thrombopoietin protects against in vitro and in vivo cardiotoxicity induced by doxorubicin [14].

Regulatory relationships of Thpo


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Thpo


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