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Macaca radiata

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Disease relevance of Macaca radiata


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Biological context of Macaca radiata


Anatomical context of Macaca radiata


Associations of Macaca radiata with chemical compounds

  • The temporal relationship between the preovulatory estrogen peak and the optimal mating period in rhesus and bonnet monkeys [21].
  • Our previous studies demonstrated the ability of low doses of antiprogestin ZK 98.299 (onapristone) to inhibit fertility in bonnet monkeys [18].
  • Effect of prolactin and androgens on the prostate of bonnet monkeys, Macaca radiata: I. Nucleic acids, phosphatases, and citric acid [22].
  • The quality of sperm ejaculated by bonnet monkeys and normal, healthy proven fertile volunteer men, both actively immunized with ovine follicle-stimulating hormone (oFSH), was examined at different times of study for chromatin packaging and acrosomal glycoprotein concentration by flow cytometry [23].
  • Administration of tamoxifen orally (3 mg/kg/day) during the post-ovulatory period from Days 16 to 20 or from Days 18 to 30 of female bonnet monkeys mated between Days 9 and 14 of the cycle resulted in inhibition of pregnancy establishment in 90-100% of monkeys tested [24].

Gene context of Macaca radiata

  • METHODS: A steroidal estrogen receptor (ER) antagonist, ICI 182780 (ICI), was administered to adult male bonnet monkeys via mini-osmotic pumps for a duration of 30 to 180 days [25].
  • Native zona pellucida reactivity and in-vitro effect on human sperm-egg binding with antisera against bonnet monkey ZP1 and ZP3 synthetic peptides [26].
  • Bonnet monkey ZP1 cDNA comprises 1617 nucleotides and encodes a polypeptide of 539 amino acid residues that share 92.0% identity with human ZP1 [27].
  • The information on the sequence of bonnet monkey ZP1 and the availability of the recombinant protein will help toward better understanding and evaluation of the contraceptive potential of homologous immunization in a nonhuman primate model [27].
  • An authentic partial cDNA clone encoding bonnet monkey (Macaca radiata) OGP (accession number AF132 215) was recloned into expression vector pET20b [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Macaca radiata


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