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Disease relevance of Fundoplication


High impact information on Fundoplication

  • The presence of H. pylori was assessed at the first visit by histologic evaluation in the fundoplication group and by histologic and serologic evaluation in the omeprazole group [6].
  • Esophageal motor abnormalities in gastroesophageal reflux and the effects of fundoplication [7].
  • Immediate results showed a significantly lower operative morbidity rate (10.3% versus 26.7%, OR 0.33, RD -12%, NNT 8), shorter postoperative stay (3.1 versus 5.2 days, P = 0.03), and shorter sick leave (20.1 versus 35.8 days, P = 0.03) for laparoscopic versus open fundoplication [8].
  • In 30 of 37 patients the Belsey Mark IV fundoplication was judged successful based on symptom relief and healing of oesophagitis [9].
  • Clinical and endoscopic improvement followed fundoplication and acyclovir therapy, but VZV DNA and IE62 persisted in esophageal tissue [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Fundoplication


Biological context of Fundoplication


Anatomical context of Fundoplication


Associations of Fundoplication with chemical compounds

  • The variables influencing the intraoperative measurement of lower oesophageal sphincter (LOS) pressure and a new method of assessing the effect of a fundal wrap on LOS function were investigated in 13 patients undergoing fundoplication [25].
  • METHODS: A total of 62 patients with both GER and asthma entered a randomized study of antireflux treatments for at least 2 yr: 24 controls (antacids as needed); 22 medical (ranitidine 150 mg t.i.d.); and 16 surgical (Nissen fundoplication) [26].
  • This study reports our experience with laparoscopic fundoplication and its effect on the pulmonary status of children with severe steroid-dependent reactive airway disease [11].
  • Following surgery, animals responded to a previously subemetic dose of a centrally acting opiate receptor agonist (loperamide), suggesting that fundoplication may sensitize the emetic reflex [27].
  • Esophageal body function improved significantly following partial posterior fundoplication without or with postoperative treatment with cisapride [14].

Gene context of Fundoplication


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fundoplication


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