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Vaginal Discharge

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Gene context of Vaginal Discharge

  • STUDY DESIGN: Lactoferrin was quantified in the vaginal discharge of women with genital infections [19].
  • A careful consideration of the history of pain, vaginal discharge, and pelvic mass is most important in making this diagnosis of tubal cancer preoperatively, along with a high index of clinical suspicion [20].
  • Moreover, 22-1-1 Ag was associated in the vaginal discharges of uterine cervical carcinoma patients [21].
  • The presence of a purulent vaginal discharge decreased the number of animals with a corpus luteum in the ovary contralateral to the PGUH (45/143 vs. 60/141; P<0.05), but not in the ovary ipsilateral to the PGUH [22].
  • A collection of 72 strains of catalase-negative gram-positive, -negative and -variable cocco-bacilli isolated from samples of vaginal discharge from women with non-specific vaginal infection was examined in an attempt to develop an identification system for Gardnerella vaginalis that could be used in a diagnostic laboratory [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vaginal Discharge


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