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Disease relevance of Hyperaldosteronism


High impact information on Hyperaldosteronism


Chemical compound and disease context of Hyperaldosteronism

  • Captopril prevented and reversed the secondary hyperaldosteronism and hypokalaemia induced by simultaneous diuretic administration, thus eliminating the need for potassium supplements [9].
  • In patients with primary hyperaldosteronism adrenal-vein plasma aldosterone/cortisol concentration ratios successfully lateralised all 21 adenomas [10].
  • The absorptive mechanisms of K+ are not disturbed by diarrhea per se, but fecal K+ losses are increased in diarrheal diseases by unabsorbed anions (which obligate K+), by electrochemical gradients secondary to active chloride secretion, and probably by secondary hyperaldosteronism [11].
  • Metoclopramide and secondary hyperaldosteronism [12].
  • We have compared four localizing techniques--adrenal venography, adrenal isotopic scanning, a modified adrenal venous sampling for steroid measurements, and the anomalous postural decrease in plasma aldosterone concentration--in 51 patients with primary aldosteronism, all of whom had undergone operative confirmation [13].
  • Genetic studies excluded mutation at the aldosterone synthase locus, further distinguishing this disorder from glucocorticoid-remediable aldosteronism [14].

Biological context of Hyperaldosteronism


Anatomical context of Hyperaldosteronism


Gene context of Hyperaldosteronism


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hyperaldosteronism


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