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British Columbia

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Disease relevance of British Columbia


Psychiatry related information on British Columbia

  • This study examined the relationship between walking, physical activity levels, and potential psychological mediators between people who owned dogs and those who did not own dogs in the Capital Region District of Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Data were collected in September 2004; analyses were conducted in January 2005 [5].
  • This study examined the impact of caregiving on 61 MS family caregivers in British Columbia. The report of the study will include information regarding the caregiver's physical and mental health, health behaviours, participation in and satisfaction with preferred activities, and financial resources [6].

High impact information on British Columbia

  • Here we report the discovery in Pavilion Lake, British Columbia, Canada, of a distinctive assemblage of freshwater calcite microbialites, some of which display microstructures similar to the fabrics displayed by Epiphyton and Girvanella [7].
  • METHODS: We included all physicians (4403) in British Columbia who prescribed a thiazide diuretic, beta-blocker, inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), or CCB as the first antihypertensive agent for 36,507 residents aged 66 years and over, with no previous or concurrent sign of underlying cardiovascular disease [8].
  • Control alleles and haplotypes were composed of parental marker alleles and haplotypes not transmitted to the affected child, in 90 simplex and 31 multiplex families from British Columbia. A total of 6,164 alleles at 11 loci were segregated through families of probands with RP MS or RR MS [9].
  • METHODS: Using administrative billing data from the Ministry of Health in 1996-2000, all prevalent RA cases in British Columbia, Canada were identified [10].
  • Under stripped conditions with minimum chloride the order of O2 affinity is: Hb A (Glu) much less than Hb Rush (Gln) less than or equal to Hb British Columbia (Lys) less than or equal to Hb Potomac (Asp) less than or equal to Hb Alberta (Gly) [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of British Columbia


Biological context of British Columbia


Anatomical context of British Columbia


Associations of British Columbia with chemical compounds

  • PATIENTS: All adult HIV-positive individuals in the province of British Columbia who started taking ritonavir and saquinavir (each at 600 mg twice daily) in combination from 1 September 1996 to 28 February 1997, with a minimum of two plasma viral load measurements, one at baseline and one after the initiation of therapy [25].
  • METHODS: Cohorts of three patients were given escalating intraoperative light doses of 15-35 J/cm2 48 h after i.v. delivery of 2.0 mg/kg Photofrin II (Quadra Logic Technologies, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), and then escalating light doses of 30-32.5 J/cm2 after a 24-h sensitizer/operation interval [26].
  • Study participants were British Columbia, Canada, residents aged >or=65 years who received angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or calcium channel blockers at least once during the observation period [27].
  • In addition, ECOG is currently conducting a trial designed to confirm the striking activity of cisplatin and paclitaxel seen in the British Columbia trials [28].
  • The authors studied a cohort of 30,157 male pulp and paper workers in British Columbia, Canada. Of these, 20,373 worked in kraft mills only, 5,249 in sulfite mills only, and 4,535 in both kraft and sulfite mills [29].

Gene context of British Columbia

  • We extended the typing of the DRB1 in an Amerindian group (Penutian) from British Columbia. The presence of the alleles DRB1* 0405, *0407 and *0410 only in Na-Dene and alleles DRB1*0408, *1301*1302, *1304, *1305, *1502 and *1601 only in Amerindians suggests separate origins of these two groups [30].
  • This study confirms previous observations placing girls with TS at higher risk for CD and suggests a similar high prevalence in British Columbia [31].
  • Prevalent dialysis patients in British Columbia, Canada, who had measurements of calcium (Ca), phosphate (Pi), and parathyroid hormone (iPTH) between January and March 2000 were followed prospectively until December 2002 [32].
  • This report describes four different approaches to prenatal testing for HD which have arisen during a pilot predictive and prenatal testing program in British Columbia, Canada. In the first approach (exclusion testing), the at risk parent cannot or prefers not to learn of his/her HD status [33].
  • The sequence data obtained from the British Columbia isolates were compared with HCV sequences for the NCR obtained from GenBank for the construction of a phylogenetic tree using the GDE program, version 2 [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of British Columbia


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