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Chemical Compound Review

HMDSO     trimethyl-trimethylsilyloxy- silane

Synonyms: Fluka AG, SWS-F 221, CCRIS 1325, AG-C-85842, ACMC-2098wd, ...
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Disease relevance of DIMETHICONE

  • Neither corn oil used as a control nor 1000-centistoke or 12,500-centistoke dimethylpolysiloxane induced plasmacytomas in these mice [1].
  • A case of giant retinal tear treated by injection with dimethicone 350 (medical fluid silicone) was observed for six years before enucleation [2].
  • In the present study, two histologically-distinct cases of granulomatous lymphadenitis induced by dimethylpolysiloxane (silicone polymer) implants were studied [3].
  • Activated dimeticone, for treatment of colic and flatulence, was given to 16% of babies and gripe water was used by 13% [4].
  • There was no evidence from this study that the bile acid binding and anti-foaming properties of hydrotalcite/dimethicone suspension were of any benefit in the treatment of patients with symptomatic gastritis [5].

High impact information on DIMETHICONE

  • The addition of EGF to mesangial cells cultured on either glass or dimethylpolysiloxane substratum induced reproducible cell contraction [6].
  • The resulting monomeric silanol species were then capped with trimethylsilyl groups, extracted into hexamethyldisiloxane, and analyzed by gas chromatography [7].
  • Therefore, it was concluded that the microemboli were droplets of antifoam agent, the refractile particles corresponding to the particulate silica component and the vacuoles corresponding to the dimethylpolysiloxane liquid component [8].
  • Further NR measurements were conducted with the AA and HMDSO films in contact with water at neutral pH [9].
  • To minimize the interfering effect of aqueous electrolytes on the impedance responses of the ttb-CuPc film itself, Au/Cr interdigitated planar electrodes bearing ttb-CuPc thin films were protected with hydrophobic gas-permeable membranes, namely thermally evaporated calixarene or plasma polymerized hexamethyldisiloxane films [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of DIMETHICONE


Biological context of DIMETHICONE


Anatomical context of DIMETHICONE


Associations of DIMETHICONE with other chemical compounds


Gene context of DIMETHICONE

  • The subjacent bone was sectioned and ashed at 600 degrees C. Ash and plasma were analyzed for F with the electrode following hexamethyldisiloxane-facilitated diffusion [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DIMETHICONE


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