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Chemical Compound Review

Ciglitazona     5-[[4-[(1-methylcyclohexyl) methoxy]phenyl]...

Synonyms: Ciglitizone, ciglitazone, Ciglitazonum, UPCMLD-DP145, CHEMBL7002, ...
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Disease relevance of ciglitazone


High impact information on ciglitazone

  • Focusing our studies on the beta/delta39 cells, we have demonstrated that C/EBPbeta along with C/EBPdelta in the presence of dexamethasone induces PPARgamma, adipsin, and aP2 mRNA production; however, GLUT4 mRNA is only expressed in cells exposed to ciglitazone [7].
  • The enhanced migration of DC in the knockout mice could be blocked in vivo by anti-CCR7 antibodies and by the drug Ciglitazone, known to inhibit CCR7 expression [8].
  • LNO2 activation of PPARgamma via CV-1 cell luciferase reporter gene expression analysis revealed a ligand activity that rivals or exceeds synthetic PPARgamma agonists such as rosiglitazone and ciglitazone, is coactivated by 9 cis-retinoic acid and is inhibited by the PPARgamma antagonist GW9662 [9].
  • In addition, 15d-PGJ(2) but not ciglitazone reduces expression of CD69 in human NK cells, whereas CD44 expression is not affected [10].
  • In PPARgamma-positive NK cells, PPAR-gamma activation by 15d-PGJ(2) and ciglitazone (a synthetic ligand) leads to reduction in both mRNA and protein levels of IFN-gamma [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of ciglitazone


Biological context of ciglitazone


Anatomical context of ciglitazone


Associations of ciglitazone with other chemical compounds


Gene context of ciglitazone


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ciglitazone

  • Ciglitazone, 5-[4-(1-methylcyclohexylmethoxy) benzyl]-thiazolidine-2,4-dione, is a new hypoglycemic agent orally active in the obese-hyperglycemic animal models [24].
  • Ciglitazone also suppressed HIV-1 mRNA levels as measured by reverse transcriptase PCR, in parallel with the decrease in reverse transcriptase activity [3].
  • Interestingly, only Thy-1(-), but not Thy-1(+) subsets differentiated to lipofibroblasts, as determined by the accumulation of cytoplasmic lipid droplets after treatment with 15-deoxy-Delta(12, 14)-PGJ(2) or ciglitazone [25].
  • Oral administration of ciglitazone, approximately 45 mg/kg per day for 4 weeks, induced significant reductions in plasma insulin levels (p < 0.001) and blood pressure (p < 0.05) [26].
  • Using ciglitazone as the model compound, the mechanism of the antiproliferative effect of PPARgamma activators on MAPK and specific cell cycle regulatory proteins were examined by Western blot analysis and transfection studies [27].


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