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Chemical Compound Review

Tranxene     10-chloro-5-oxo-2-phenyl- 3,6...

Synonyms: clorazepate, Chlorazepate, Gen-xene, Novo-Clopate, CHEBI:3761, ...
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Disease relevance of Chlorazepate


Psychiatry related information on Chlorazepate


High impact information on Chlorazepate


Chemical compound and disease context of Chlorazepate


Biological context of Chlorazepate

  • Clorazepate kinetics in treated epileptics [19].
  • Desmethyldiazepam pharmacokinetics were determined after oral administration of its precursor, clorazepate, to 12 obese subjects (mean weight: 105.4 kg; mean percent ideal body weight: 170%) who were matched for age, sex, and smoking habits with 12 normal controls (66.5 kg; percent ideal body weight: 103.3%) [4].
  • The assay was used in a comparative bioavailability study of single equimolar oral doses of monopotassium and dipotassium salts of clorazepate in dogs [20].
  • Release of cells from a 48 h exposure to 350 microM clorazepate, at which over 70% of the cells were arrested, resulted in a synchronous entry into S phase 8-9 h later, as evidenced by a sharp increase in the incorporation of [3H]thymidine [5].
  • Clorazepate inhibited C6 proliferation in a dose-dependent manner with an IC50 value of 280 microM, as judged by a nuclei counting procedure [5].

Anatomical context of Chlorazepate


Associations of Chlorazepate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Chlorazepate

  • The non-enantioselective interactions of benzoin and benzodiazepines except for clorazepate with BSA fragments were increased with protein surface coverages, while those of 2-arylpropionic acid, clorazepate and warfarin were decreased [27].
  • Clorazepate proved the more effective drug, as shown by a reduction in total symptom scale of Kellner Symptom Rating Test and the reduction in sub-scales for anxiety, depression, somatic complaints and general neurotic symptoms with parallel symptom reduction in linear analogue scales [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chlorazepate


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