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Chemical Compound Review

Misodine     5-ethyl-5-phenyl-1,3- diazinane-4,6-dione

Synonyms: Mysoline, Liskantin, Mizodin, Resimatil, primidone, ...
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Disease relevance of primidone


Psychiatry related information on primidone


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Chemical compound and disease context of primidone


Biological context of primidone

  • Primidone (PRM) kinetics was examined in two groups of adult seizure patients: (1) 10 newly diagnosed in whom only PRM was used, the monotherapy (MT) group, and (2) nine in whom PRM was added to other antiepileptics, the combination therapy (CT) group [20].
  • The mean value observed for primidone with the on-column alkylation procedure was 9.3 mg/liter and with our procedure was 9.6 mg/liter [21].
  • These results suggest the usefulness of a careful monitoring of primidone and primadone-derived phenobarbitone during pregnancy and the puerperium [22].
  • Fifty specimens were analyzed for primidone and 35 for diphenylhydantoin by a standard gas-chromatographic method involving on-column methylation and by the procedure we have developed [21].
  • Trophozoicidal and cysticidal efficiencies were found to be increased from propamidine to nonamidine; i.e., when the alkyl chain connecting the two benzene rings in their molecular structures was elongated, in comparison with propamidine, hexamidine and octamidine were the most amoebicidal molecules [23].

Anatomical context of primidone


Associations of primidone with other chemical compounds


Gene context of primidone

  • We investigated the association between CYP2C19 polymorphism (possibly related to primidone metabolism) and the risk for developing essential ET and acute adverse effects to primidone [34].
  • The lead compound, hexamidine (1), inhibits not only the proteolytic activity of matriptase, (K(i) = 924 nM) but also of thrombin K(i) = 224 nM) [35].
  • This procedure, compared with the gas-chromatographic procedure of Kupferberg [Clin. Chim. Acta 29, 283 (1970)], gave a weighted regression line--forced through the origin--of y=(1.01+/-0.04) x for phenobarbital, y=(0.95+/-0.04) x for primidone [36].
  • Essential tremor: response to primidone [37].
  • Diphenylhydantoin (PHT) and primidone (PRM) were determined by the EMIT technique in the plasma, tears, saliva, and CSF of epileptic patients [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of primidone


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