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Chemical Compound Review

semustine     1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(4- methylcyclohexyl)-1...

Synonyms: Semustina, MeCCNU, Semustinum, Methyl-CCNU, Prestwick_1013, ...
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Disease relevance of Methyl-CCNU


High impact information on Methyl-CCNU


Chemical compound and disease context of Methyl-CCNU


Biological context of Methyl-CCNU

  • From linear extrapolation of the terminal part of the cell survival curve to zero drug dose, it appeared that about 1 in 10(5) (or 0.001%) of tumour cells were resistant to MeCCNU [13].
  • Recombinant interferons have achieved a place in the developmental armamentarium of medical oncology for melanoma--and phase III trials to compare the relative effects of decarbazine or semustine and interferon alpha are under way [14].
  • The effect of treatment dose on the kinetics of MeCCNU resistance development was also studied in a retreatment regimen where the tumours were allowed to regrow and then transplanted into fresh hosts for the next treatment [15].
  • However, the relative toxicological significance of either protein carbamylation or DNA alkylation in mediating MeCCNU-induced nephropathy is not yet understood [16].
  • Three repeated injections of 30 mg/kg (at 10 day intervals) of methyl-CCNU to 15 day-old male mice resulted in inhibition of spermatogenesis without alteration in plasma testosterone [17].

Anatomical context of Methyl-CCNU


Associations of Methyl-CCNU with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Methyl-CCNU

  • We have shown in earlier studies that repeated weekly exposures of a human astrocytoma clone (AST 3-4) to MeCCNU (10 micrograms/ml for 1 h per week) produced a linear decrease in survival over the first 3 weekly treatments [24].
  • The response rates were 6% (3/50) for AHC, 9% (3/34) for DBD, and 14% (7/49) for methyl-CCNU [28].
  • Calmodulin inhibition by methyl-CCNU was dependent on the concentration of calcium in the preincubation mixture [29].
  • In March of 1972, the Southwest Oncology Group initiated a Phase II study, No. 7200, utilizing methyl-CCNU in the treatment of patients with solid tumors and lymphomas [30].
  • Moreover, a dose of 130 mg/mg of MeCCNU with 800 mg/m2/day of ICRF is well tolerated [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Methyl-CCNU


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