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Chemical Compound Review

AC1NWAK9     3-benzhydryloxy-8-methyl-8...

Synonyms: CCG-38924, HMS501K05, HMS1920G13, HMS2091M15, SPECTRUM1500142, ...
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Disease relevance of benztropine


Psychiatry related information on benztropine


High impact information on benztropine


Chemical compound and disease context of benztropine

  • In an attempt to study his heterogeneity further, the authors measured the responses of 10 patients with tardive dyskinesia to intravenous challenge doses of drugs that facilitate or inhibit acetylcholine transmission (physostigmine or benztropine, respectively) [15].
  • Two atypical inhibitors of the dopamine transporter, benztropine, used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, and bupropion, used as an antidepressant, show very different psychostimulant effects when compared with another inhibitor, cocaine [16].
  • Twenty-nine inpatients with major psychotic disorders were treated for 14 days with a clinician-determined dose of haloperidol and with either benztropine or placebo given by double-blind random assignment on days 1 through 7 [17].
  • However, benztropine treated patients had a significant increase in tardive dyskinesia compared to their condition during procyclindine treatment, and significantly more anxiety and depression than ethopropazine treated patients [18].
  • Preliminary administration of physostigmine salicylate to patients with tardive dyskinesia had a variable effect, while benztropine mesylate produced no change [19].

Biological context of benztropine


Anatomical context of benztropine


Associations of benztropine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of benztropine

  • Combinatorial synthesis of benztropine libraries and their evaluation as monoamine transporter inhibitors [34].
  • The effect of benztropine on the incidence of dystonia was consistent with other studies, which, when analyzed together, demonstrate the efficacy of anticholinergic prophylaxis [17].
  • We previously prepared a benztropine-based photoaffinity label [125I]-(N-[4-(4'-azido-3'-iodophenyl)butyl]-3alpha-[bis(4'-fluorophenyl)methoxy]tropane, [125I]1, that covalently attached to the 1-2 transmembrane spanning region of the dopamine transporter (DAT) [35].
  • In contrast, prior in vivo reserpine treatment or in vitro addition of benztropine did not affect the depolarization-induced activation of TH [36].
  • B-HT 920, a DA D2 receptor agonist and benztropine, a DA uptake blocker, increased striatal CCK mRNA [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of benztropine


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