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Chemical Compound Review

AIB-OH     2-amino-2-methyl-propanoic acid

Synonyms: H-Aib-OH, PubChem16474, ACMC-1AYLN, AG-K-62511, H-(ME)ALA-OH, ...
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  • Symptomatic tumor-bearing rats were studied with double-label quantitative autoradiography to concurrently measure blood flow and a unidirectional blood-to-tissue transfer constant (K) for alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (AIB) [32].
  • Pulse-labeling experiments with alpha-aminoisobutyric acid revealed that colchicine did not inhibit amino acid transport per se, but prevented the increased capacity for amino acid transport induced by partial hepatectomy [33].
  • Solution conformations of the protected 2-9 segment of the peptaibol antibiotics emerimicins III and IV [alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (Aib)]3-L-Val-Gly-L-Leu-(Aib)2 and the related short sequences benzyloxy-(Aib)3-L-Val-OMe and benzyloxy-(Aib)3-L-Val-Gly-OMe have been investigated by circular dichroism studies [34].
  • A comparison of Mab and alpha-aminoisobutyric acid influx constants suggests that Mab entry into intracerebral xenografts occurs through large pores without significant sieving or steric restriction [35].
  • Ultra-low temperature techniques (microdissection and autoradiography) were used to study the nucleocytoplasmic distribution and transport of alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (AIB) in an amino acid-accumulating cell [36].


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