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Chemical Compound Review

CHEBI:507351     calcium(E,3R,5R)-7-[4-(4- fluorophenyl)-2...

Synonyms: DNC013454, AKOS015967307, AC1O5M4W, Rosuvastatin calcium
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High impact information on HSDB 7317

  • On the basis of these criteria, rosuvastatin represents a step forward in efforts to optimize the pharmacologic properties of the statin class [6].
  • Compared with other statins, rosuvastatin has been found to be a relatively potent inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase and to have a high degree of selectivity for effect in liver cells compared with a range of non-hepatic cells, including cultured human skeletal muscle cells [6].
  • In addition, rosuvastatin undergoes relatively little metabolism by the hepatic CYP system; it has a moderate degree of systemic bioavailability and a relatively long elimination half-life [6].
  • The effects of rosuvastatin are selective for hepatic cells, and there is minimal uptake of the drug by nonhepatic tissues [7].
  • Naturally occurring polymorphisms in OATP1B1, including *5, *9, *15, and *18, were associated with profound loss of activity toward rosuvastatin [8].

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  • Effects of rosuvastatin on nitric oxide-dependent function in aorta and corpus cavernosum of diabetic mice: relationship to cholesterol biosynthesis pathway inhibition and lipid lowering [19].
  • Superoxide anion production induced by 500 mg/dl dextrose was inhibited by therapeutic concentrations of rosuvastatin or simvastatin (10 nmol/l), whereas the increased levels of cellular endothelin 1 mRNA and endothelin 1 in culture media was inhibited by supratherapeutic concentrations of statins (> or =0.1 micromol/l) [20].
  • RESULTS: Rosuvastatin reduced arterial pressure in SHR rats, but not in WKY/L-NAME rats [14].
  • Therefore rosuvastatin pharmacokinetic parameters were assessed in an open-label trial involving stable heart transplant recipients (> or =6 months after transplant) on an antirejection regimen including cyclosporine [21].
  • Platelets from rosuvastatin-treated non-fructose-fed (NFF) and fructose-fed (FF) hamsters were analyzed for aggregability and psPDI-denitrosation activity [16].

Gene context of HSDB 7317


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HSDB 7317


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