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Gene Review

SCGN  -  secretagogin, EF-hand calcium binding protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CALBL, DJ501N12.8, SECRET, SEGN, Secretagogin, ...
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Disease relevance of SCGN


Psychiatry related information on SCGN

  • OBJECTIVE: A recent review by the United States Secret Service of cases involving threats against the President indicated that about 50 percent of subjects had received mental health care [4].

High impact information on SCGN


Chemical compound and disease context of SCGN


Biological context of SCGN


Anatomical context of SCGN


Associations of SCGN with chemical compounds

  • Glucose also led to changes in expression of secretagogin protein in INS-1e cells, but not in primary cells from non-diabetes-prone Wistar Furth rats [9].
  • "The Delicious Progress": whiteness as an atavism in Conrad Aiken's "Silent Snow, Secret Snow" [10].
  • This paper is an extract from The Invisible Hospital and the Secret Garden--an Insider's Commentary on NHS Reforms and is based on a paper presented at The Royal Society of Medicine in London on 11 April 1994 [11].

Co-localisations of SCGN


Other interactions of SCGN

  • In addition to the most common genes (e.g. insulin, transthyretin, glucagon), a number of other abundant genes with ill-defined functions such as proSAAS or secretagogin, were also observed [12].
  • Delusional visitors to the White House or other government offices (often seeking a personal audience with the President) are interviewed by the Secret Service and then sent to Saint Elizabeths Hospital if they are considered mentally ill and potentially dangerous to themselves or others [13].
  • Ernest Jones, in particular, an analysand of Ferenczi and fellow member of the Secret Committee founded by Freud before World War I, seriously attacked Ferenczi [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SCGN


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