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Gene Review

Nr2f2  -  nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2700033K02Rik, 9430015G03Rik, ARP-1, Apolipoprotein AI regulatory protein 1, Aporp1, ...
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Disease relevance of Nr2f2


High impact information on Nr2f2

  • Mediation of Sonic hedgehog-induced expression of COUP-TFII by a protein phosphatase [5].
  • In fact, the expression of Angiopoietin-1, a proangiogenic soluble factor thought to mediate the mesenchymal-endothelial interactions during heart development and vascular remodeling, is down-regulated in COUP-TFII mutants [6].
  • This down-regulation suggests that COUP-TFII may be required for bidirectional signaling between the endothelial and mesenchymal compartments essential for proper angiogenesis and heart development [6].
  • The embryonic expression of COUP-TFII, an orphan nuclear receptor, suggests that it may participate in mesenchymal-epithelial interactions required for organogenesis [6].
  • One of these, COUP-TF II, is expressed in embryonic/fetal erythroid cell lines, murine yolk sac, intra-embryonic splanchnopleura and fetal liver [7].

Biological context of Nr2f2


Anatomical context of Nr2f2


Associations of Nr2f2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Nr2f2

  • The inhibition of MyoD-mediated trans-activation involves the direct binding of the DNA binding domain/C-region and hinge/D-regions [i.e. amino acid (aa) residues 78-213] of COUP-TF II to the N-terminal activation domain of MyoD [18].

Regulatory relationships of Nr2f2

  • Thus, COUP-TFII has a critical role in repressing Notch signalling to maintain vein identity, which suggests that vein identity is under genetic control and is not derived by a default pathway [19].
  • However, this enhancer-bound NF-kappaB failed to up-regulate class I expression because the class I enhancer chromatin remained repressed as a result of histone deacetylation by HDAC in association with COUP-TFII [20].

Other interactions of Nr2f2

  • Full-length FOG-2 markedly enhanced transcriptional repression by GAL4-COUP-TF2(117-414), but not by a COUP-TF2 repression domain mutant [9].
  • The expression patterns of COUP-TF1, ARP-1 and EAR2 during development were investigated by in situ hybridization [13].
  • These results indicate that the PPREs of the CYP4A6 gene are recognized by multiple members of the nuclear receptor family that are likely to contribute to the regulation of CYP4A6 expression in both an agonistic (RXR alpha) and an antagonistic (ARP-1) manner [10].
  • Finally, COUP-TFII expression was detected in pancreas, as judged by co-expression of the beta-gal in some of the glucagon and PDX1 positive-cells at 12.5 dpc and co-expression with insulin positive-cells at 15.5 dpc [14].
  • Significantly, NF-kappaB p50/p52 double-knockout cells enabled us to demonstrate directly that COUP-TFII can completely repress both nonactivated and NF-kappaB-activated MHC class I transcription [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nr2f2


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