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Gene Review

DEFA6  -  defensin, alpha 6, Paneth cell-specific

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DEF6, Defensin, alpha 6, Defensin-6, HD-6
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Disease relevance of DEFA6


High impact information on DEFA6


Biological context of DEFA6


Anatomical context of DEFA6

  • In this study, we determined the chromosomal localization of the human defensin (HD) genes expressed in Paneth cells, HD-5 and HD-6 [10].
  • Human alpha defensins (HD-5 and HD-6) are antibiotic effector molecules predominantly expressed in Paneth cells of the ileum [12].
  • We describe the isolation of naturally occurring human intestinal defensins HD-5 and HD-6 from ileal neobladder urine and ileal mucosa [13].
  • We compared the expression of human alpha- and beta-defensins by various human tissues. mRNA for alpha-defensins HNP1-3, abundant in bone marrow, was detected in peripheral blood leukocytes, spleen and thymus by RT-PCR, which revealed alpha-defensins HD5 and HD6 only in the small intestine [14].
  • HNP-1, HD-5, and HD-6 were present in significantly higher levels in colostrum than in mature milk [15].

Associations of DEFA6 with chemical compounds

  • SLED consisted of 8 h of HD 6 days a week, with blood flow of 200 ml/min, dialysate flows of 350 ml/min, and hemofiltration with 1 l of saline/h. CRRT patients were anticoagulated with either heparin or citrate, and SLED patients with either heparin or saline flushes [16].
  • Polarized HD6 cells exhibit low levels of CEA only at their apical luminal surface [11].

Other interactions of DEFA6

  • The natural antimicrobial defensin DEFA5 and DEFA6 genes were particularly over-expressed in CD [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DEFA6


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