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Gene Review

DEFA5  -  defensin, alpha 5, Paneth cell-specific

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DEF5, Defensin, alpha 5, Defensin-5, HD-5, HD5(20-94)
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Disease relevance of DEFA5


High impact information on DEFA5


Biological context of DEFA5


Anatomical context of DEFA5


Associations of DEFA5 with chemical compounds

  • The functional consequence of alpha-defensin expression levels was examined by using a transgenic mouse model, where we found changes in HD5 expression levels, comparable to those observed in CD, had a pronounced impact on the luminal microbiota [11].
  • Incubation of HD-5 in the presence of tumor necrosis factor alpha further increased IL-8 secretion synergistically, suggesting that HD-5 may act as a regulator of the intestinal inflammatory response [12].
  • Finally, the minor difference of lubricant capacity between Compritol HD5 ATO and Compritol 888 ATO has no consequence in compression practice [13].
  • The aim of this paper is to study the lubricant capacity of Compritol HD5 ATO, a glyceryl and polyethylene glycol dibehenate, obtained by atomization [13].
  • Comparative study of the lubricant performance of Compritol HD5 ATO and Compritol 888 ATO: effect of polyethylene glycol behenate on lubricant capacity [13].

Other interactions of DEFA5


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DEFA5

  • The two isoforms detected by this PCR approach were human defensin family members, HD-5 and HD-6 [7].
  • Immunogold electron microscopy further localized HD-5 to the Paneth cell secretory granules [16].
  • We compared the expression of human alpha- and beta-defensins by various human tissues. mRNA for alpha-defensins HNP1-3, abundant in bone marrow, was detected in peripheral blood leukocytes, spleen and thymus by RT-PCR, which revealed alpha-defensins HD5 and HD6 only in the small intestine [17].
  • The hypothenar ECAP was liable to stimulus artefact interference because of the short onset latency at HD5 (2.2(SD 0.4)ms), whereas the adductor pollicis (3.0(SD 0.5)ms) position (TD2) yielded reliable results [18].


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