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Gene Review

Msn  -  moesin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: C78546, Membrane-organizing extension spike protein, Moesin
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Biological context of Msn

  • The murine Msn locus was mapped to the X chromosome as well by studying a rodent x mouse hybrid panel [7].
  • CONCLUSION: These changes in proximal Na/Pi cotransport may involve a signal transduction cascade including PDZ-dc1, ezrin, moesin, our phosphoprotein, and possibly other proteins [8].
  • Experiments with full-length and truncated bacterial fusion proteins localized the actin-binding site in moesin to the extreme carboxy terminus, a highly conserved sequence [9].
  • Furthermore, morpholino antisense and shRNA approaches show that moesin expression is essential since its knockdown leads to altered F-actin distribution and subsequent apoptosis [1].
  • Our study demonstrates a link between Galpha13 signaling that regulates differentiation of F9 cells through primitive to parietal endoderm and a moesin requirement for cell survival [1].

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