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Gene Review

Msn  -  moesin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Membrane-organizing extension spike protein, Moesin
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Disease relevance of Msn


High impact information on Msn


Biological context of Msn

  • It is hypothesized that conformational changes of moesin, regulated by phosphorylation/dephosphorylation, may lead to positional rearrangements with respect to the membrane/cytoskeleton that could possibly regulate mast cell secretion [1].
  • Moesin thus appears to have actin binding sites that are not exposed under normal conditions but may become available by in vivo phosphorylation or by denaturation [1].
  • The data suggest that PDGF mediated upregulation of the cytoskeletal proteins, moesin and radixin, is important for cell migration and other changes that accompany the coordinated restoration of glomerular architecture after injury [2].
  • To test this hypothesis, we used specific siRNA probes that resulted in a downregulation of ezrin and moesin by about 70% and in a similar reduction in the fraction of migrating cells [3].
  • The kinetics for the glutamate- induced membrane translocation of RhoA was similar to that of moesin phosphorylation induced by AMPA [7].

Anatomical context of Msn


Associations of Msn with chemical compounds

  • Previously, we reported the RhoA and Rho kinase-dependent phosphorylation of moesin at Thr-558 in hippocampal neuronal cells by glutamate [6].
  • Interestingly, the phosphorylation of moesin by KCl was independent of KCl-induced membrane depolarization and calcium influx but was dependent on KCl-induced chloride conductance [6].
  • Moesin was rapidly phosphorylated at the threonine 558 residue after ECS in the rat hippocampus, peaked at 1 min, and returned to the basal level by 2 min after ECS [8].
  • Extraction with Triton X-100, which preserves cytoskeletal associated proteins, showed that forskolin stimulation or peptide introduction reduced the amount of phophorylated moesin, a molecular modification known to stabilize moesin in an active state [9].
  • AMPA, not NMDA, activates RhoA GTPases and subsequently phosphorylates moesin [7].

Regulatory relationships of Msn

  • A possible involvement of RhoA and its downstream effector, Rho kinase in the AMPA receptor-triggered phosphorylation of moesin was also explored [7].

Other interactions of Msn


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Msn


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