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Gene Review

Pafah1b1  -  platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: LIS-1, Lis-1, Lis1, Lissencephaly-1 protein, MMS10-U, ...
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Disease relevance of Pafah1b1


Psychiatry related information on Pafah1b1


High impact information on Pafah1b1

  • Pafah1b1(+/-) mice have hippocampal layering defects, whereas homozygous mutants are embryonic lethal [5].
  • The phenotypes observed are distinct from those of other mouse mutants with neuronal migration defects, suggesting that Pafah1b1 participates in a novel pathway for neuronal migration [6].
  • Mice with further reduction of Pafah1b1 activity display more severe brain disorganization as well as cerebellar defects [6].
  • Our results demonstrate an essential, dosage-sensitive neuronal-specific role for Pafah1b1 in neuronal migration throughout the brain, and an essential role in early embryonic development [6].
  • Recently, we and others reported that the doublecortin gene is responsible for X-linked lissencephaly and subcortical laminar heterotopia [7].

Biological context of Pafah1b1


Anatomical context of Pafah1b1

  • Rescue of these defects in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and granule cells by overexpressing LIS1, NDEL1, or NDE1 suggest that NDEL1, LIS1, and NDE1 act in a common pathway to regulate dynein but each has distinct roles in the regulation of microtubule organization and neuronal migration [12].
  • Disregulated RhoGTPases and actin cytoskeleton contribute to the migration defect in Lis1-deficient neurons [13].
  • Lis1 is necessary for normal non-radial migration of inhibitory interneurons [4].
  • We have generated a mouse mutant (LIS1GT/GT) by gene trap integration leading to selective disruption of a Lis1 splicing variant in testis [2].
  • These results provide evidence for an essential and hitherto uncharacterized role of the Lis1 protein in spermatogenesis, particularly in the differentiation of spermatids into spermatozoa [2].

Associations of Pafah1b1 with chemical compounds

  • The deletion resulted in a shorter protein (sLIS1) that initiates from the second methionine, a unique situation because most LIS1 mutations result in a null allele [14].
  • With the lithium diiodosalicylate (LIS1) extraction-phenol partition method, we have isolated a sialoglycoprotein fraction from DBA/2 mouse erythrocyte ghosts [15].

Regulatory relationships of Pafah1b1

  • These data indicate a previously unrecognized role for Lis1 protein in neuronal motility by promoting actin polymerization through the regulation of Rho GTPase activity [13].

Other interactions of Pafah1b1

  • Our results indicate that, in hippocampal neurons, MAP1B and LIS1 co-localize, associate and interact with each another [16].
  • Regulation of cytoplasmic dynein ATPase by Lis1 [10].
  • We now find that dynein and its regulators dynactin and LIS1 localize to the leading cell cortex during this process [11].
  • We have examined the effect of disorganisation of the mitral cell soma layer in mutant mice heterozygous for the beta-subunit of platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase (Lis1(-/+)) on the targeting of primary olfactory axons [17].
  • Integrin-linked kinase deletion from mouse cortex results in cortical lamination defects resembling cobblestone lissencephaly [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pafah1b1


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