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Gene Review

Tsn  -  translin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2610034C24Rik, AU040286, C3PO, Component 3 of promoter of RISC, TB-RBP, ...
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  • In addition to a leucine zipper, two basic domains in TB-RBP are essential for RNA binding, but only one of these domains is needed for DNA binding [4].
  • No translational inhibition by recombinant TB-RBP was seen with Gapds mRNA lacking the H element [5].
  • The testis brain RNA-binding protein (TB-RBP) functions as an RNA-binding protein in brain and testis, binding to conserved sequence elements present in specific mRNAs, such as protamine 1 and 2 [17].
  • AKAP4 mRNA forms a complex with TB-RBP and the Ter ATPase in nuclei and remains associated with these proteins as it exits nuclei into the cytoplasm and as it passes through intercellular bridges between spermatids [17].

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