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Gene Review

MYBL2  -  v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: B-MYB, B-Myb, BMYB, Myb-like protein 2, Myb-related protein B
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Disease relevance of MYBL2

  • Furthermore, the MYBL2 and STK15 have been significantly overexpressed in prostate metastases, allowing a clear distinction between localized tumors and metastases [1].
  • Recent reports suggest a casual correlation between EGFR and B-Myb expression in primary breast carcinomas [2].
  • We show in this report that the human myeloid leukemia cell line GFD8 is a useful model to compare the biological function of the structurally related c-Myb and B-Myb proto-oncogenes and to investigate the c-myb domains required for this function [3].

High impact information on MYBL2

  • LNA-1 transactivated an artificial promoter carrying the cell cycle transcription factor E2F DNA-binding sequences and also upregulated the cyclin E (CCNEI) promoter, but not the B-myb (MYBL2) promoter [4].
  • B-Myb plays an essential role in cell cycle progression, and activation by E7 is likely to contribute to the mitogenic activity of the viral oncoprotein [5].
  • Gene-expression signatures associated with loss of bmyb in zebrafish are also correlated with conserved signatures in human tumor samples, and down-regulation of the B-myb signature genes is associated with retention of p53 function [6].
  • Cotransfection experiments with p53 expression plasmids and expression plasmids encoding in-frame deletion mutations in B-myb coding sequences indicate that the DNA-binding domain of the B-Myb protein is required for this activity [7].
  • It has been shown previously that phosphorylation of B-Myb by cdk2/cyclin A enhances its transcriptional activity [8].

Biological context of MYBL2


Anatomical context of MYBL2

  • For example, in aortic smooth muscle cells B-Myb represses transcription of the alpha2(V) collagen gene [12].
  • MLE-15 cells, a cell line expressing SP-A mRNA, also expressed B-Myb [13].
  • In this study, we show that the promoter of the fibroblast growth factor-4 (FGF-4) gene is strongly activated by B-Myb in HeLa cells and it can serve as a novel diagnostic tool for assessing B-Myb activity [14].
  • However, B-Myb, a more widely-expressed Myb family member, caused topo IIalpha trans-activation in both HL-60 cells and HeLa epithelial cervical carcinoma cells [15].
  • Redundant functions of B-Myb and c-Myb in differentiating myeloid cells [3].

Associations of MYBL2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of MYBL2

  • The B-Myb-interacting region of p57(KIP2) mapped to the cyclin-binding domain [11].
  • We also show that the bromo and histone acetyltransferase domains of p300 are sufficient to interact with and acetylate B-Myb [14].
  • In conclusion, these results imply that TRP-1 is a mammalian thioredoxin and plays as a transcriptional repressor through direct binding to the transcription factor B-Myb [19].

Enzymatic interactions of MYBL2

  • Previous studies demonstrated that B-Myb was phosphorylated at the onset of S phase, suggesting that it could be due to cyclin-dependent kinases [16].

Regulatory relationships of MYBL2

  • In this study we examined the functions of B-Myb required to overcome G1 arrest in Saos-2 cells induced by the retinoblastoma-related p107 protein [20].
  • Expression of the B-Myb transcription factor is upregulated during late G1 phase of the cell cycle by an E2F-dependent transcriptional mechanism [21].
  • We here report that B-Myb activates the HSP70 promoter by a novel mechanism which involves the heat shock element (HSE) [22].
  • In addition, by employing full-length or deleted B-Myb cDNA construct, we found that B-Myb down-regulates the COL1A1 proximal promoter through its C-terminal domain [23].
  • In particular, NDP-alpha-MSH down-regulated expression of B-Myb and Myc, two oncogenes considered of paramount importance for cell proliferation and cancer [24].

Other interactions of MYBL2

  • This study defines a novel function of B-Myb and further suggests that the p107 N-terminus provides an interaction domain for transcription factors involved in cell cycle control [20].
  • Furthermore, the multiple nuclear localization signals are in at least two regions in the COOH-terminal half of B-Myb, and one of them is adjacent to a potential cdc2 kinase site [10].
  • Co-regulation of B-Myb expression by E2F1 and EGF receptor [2].
  • Here we show that ectopic expression of cyclin A causes a pronounced reduction of B-Myb protein level [25].
  • Six sites in B-Myb fulfil the requirements for recognition by Cdk2 [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MYBL2


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