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Gene Review

Impact  -  impact RWD domain protein

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Imprinted and ancient gene protein homolog, Protein IMPACT
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Disease relevance of Impact


High impact information on Impact


Biological context of Impact


Anatomical context of Impact

  • These findings suggest that omega-3 fatty acids are the components of the enteral IED, Impact (Novartis Corp), which produce the increased blood flow to the terminal ileum and its contiguous gut-associated lymphoid tissue [13].
  • (Ang, K.K., Jiang, G.L., Guttenberger, R., Thames, H.D., Stephens, L.C., Smith, C.D. and Feng, Y. Impact of spinal cord repair kinetics on the practice of altered fractionation schedules. Radiother. Oncol. 25: 287-294, 1992) in the spinal cord of Sprague-Dawley rats [14].
  • Sustained P450 expression and prodrug activation in bolus cyclophosphamide-treated cultured tumor cells. Impact of prodrug schedule on P450 gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy [15].
  • CONCLUSION: The pulmonary histopathologic effects of aspiration of Impact were severe peribronchial inflammatory cell infiltration (greater than aspiration of Biosorb and Pulmocare), abundant alveolar histiocytes, and alveolar edema in comparison with aspiration of saline, even though Impact had the lowest lipid content of all studied formulas [16].

Associations of Impact with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Impact

  • RESULTS: Allograft survival was extended by combining Impact with CsA (45.3+/-19 days) and Rapa (165.3+/-52 days), but not FK506 (12.4+/-3.2 days) [9].
  • Microdialysis sampling for hepatic metabolism studies. Impact of microdialysis probe design and implantation technique on liver tissue [22].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Previously undernourished rats were subjected to either massive bowel resection (n = 30) or laparotomy (n = 26) and fed four enteral hypocaloric diets for 7 days: Alitraq (n = 7 in each group), Impact (n = 8 and 7), Enrich (n = 8 and 6), and Elemental (n = 7 and 6) [23].
  • Objective of this study was the characterization of traumatic brain injury induced by a "Controlled Cortical Impact" with magnetic resonance imaging techniques [24].


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