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Gene Review

Gjb1  -  gap junction protein, beta 1

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Connexin-32, Cx32, Cxn-32, GAP junction 28 kDa liver protein, Gap junction beta-1 protein
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Disease relevance of Gjb1


High impact information on Gjb1

  • By probing the accessibility of systematically substituted cysteine residues to thiol blockers (a technique called SCAM), we have identified the pore-lining residues of a gap junction channel composed of Cx32 [6].
  • The mRNA and protein expression of alpha 1 (connexin 43), beta 1 (connexin 32), and beta 2 (connexin 26) gap junction genes were examined in the regenerating rat liver after 70% partial hepatectomy (PH) [7].
  • We observed no cell-cell dye transfer 4 min after microinjection in 90% of the cell pairs treated with Fab fragments of antibodies for the first or second extracellular domain of Cx43, the second extracellular domain of connexin32 (Cx32) or A-CAM [8].
  • These results indicated the different changes of expression and function of Cx26 and Cx32 in the hepatocytes during stimulation and re-inhibition of DNA synthesis [9].
  • Gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC), as measured by lucifer yellow, which indicated the function of Cx32, decreased markedly from before the onset of the S phase [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gjb1


Biological context of Gjb1


Anatomical context of Gjb1


Associations of Gjb1 with chemical compounds


Co-localisations of Gjb1

  • Immunocytochemically, Cx26-positive spots were observed between most adjacent cells and were co-localized with the Cx32-positive spots [23].

Regulatory relationships of Gjb1

  • Unexpectedly, 9618A cells expressed Cx43 mRNA and protein in cell culture but expressed Cx32 mRNA in vivo [24].
  • Although the expression of Cx32 mRNA was also influenced by glucagon, the increase of the expression was small [23].

Other interactions of Gjb1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gjb1


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