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Gene Review

Dbn1  -  drebrin 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Developmentally-regulated brain protein, Drba, Drebrin, drebrin A, drebrin E2
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Disease relevance of Dbn1


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Biological context of Dbn1


Anatomical context of Dbn1


Physical interactions of Dbn1

  • Immunoblotting with this antibody revealed that drebrin-binding cytoskeleton contains this myosin IIB-like immunreactivity [8].
  • In cultured granule cells 7 days in vitro, Cupidin was present as synaptic and extra-synaptic punctate clusters that largely co-localized with the actin-cytoskeletal binding partners F-actin and drebrin, as well as a post-synaptic scaffold protein PSD-95 [9].

Regulatory relationships of Dbn1

  • Stability of the distribution of spines containing drebrin A in the sensory cortex layer I of mice expressing mutated APP and PS1 genes [10].

Other interactions of Dbn1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dbn1


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